Blank Business Card Templates

A business card is a small card with the individual’s names and the work details. The size of a business card is similar to that of a credit or a debit card. The purpose of the business card is simply that if any person wants to know about you and your company, you can give them your business card. It will have information like your name, designation, name of the company and address, and also your contact information. So, if anyone wants to contact you regarding your job, it will be convenient for them to have your business card.

An impressive Business Card

Business cards can be printed for anyone who runs their own business or works in a company. The template of a business card is simply the layout of the same. The business card should make a good impression on anyone who is having it. You should take special care in choosing the design, fitting the logo, images and other necessary details. Some business cards are UV printed nowadays.

Business cards are not given in exchange for money. You are advertising yourselves by having business cards and giving it to others. A business card is the first thing a person will look out for if they want to contact you.

The Designs and the 4 W’s

The four W’s are Who, What, Where and Why? These questions should be answered by a business card. The person holding your business card should get an idea about who you are, what you do, where you work and the reason why he needs to contact you. For example, if you look out at the business card of a doctor, you look for the where field next. If he needs to contact you, where you should work should be mentioned in the card.

Types of Business Card templates

  • Classic Business Card
  • Wild Format Business Card
  • Social Networker’s Business Card
  • Gadget Business Card
  • Company Card
  • Typography Business Card

The classic business card template is the one that is usually used by people. You can go for the classic if you don’t want to make it too impressive and just keep it straight to the point.

Wild format cards come with a design that plays with the letter formats and make the important info noted.

Company owners can go for the company card. This is like the classic business card template. It covers the details of the company along with your details.

Download Free Printable Blank Business Card Template Designs:

Business Card Template one

Simple Business Card Template (Front and Back)

Business Card Template Front and Back Two

Business Card Template Photoshop or PSD

Business Card Template Photoshop or PSD Three

Download Business Card Template Three in Photoshop or PSD

Business Card Template Word or Google Docs

Business Card Template Word or Google Docs Four

Blank Business Card Template

Blank Business Card Template Five


Many business card templates are available now. You can search online and find out more templates than the ones already mentioned. You can decide the one which you want depending on your needs. The purpose is simply that the card should answer the 4 W’s and should give all the information related to your job.

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