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Employment verification letter is an important letter in everyone’s work life. It is a proof that you are working in an organisation under some designation for a given period of time.

You can check out the data elements that have to be included in an employment verification letter by checking out the samples given online. An employment verification letter would contain the details like the name of the organisation, the designation of the employee, the date of joining of the employee, the team in which the employee is currently in, etc. all the things that provides a proof of the employee working in the organisation and also gives a measure of potential of that employee.

An employee verification letter should have a proper flow, should be precise and not have any exaggeration, the contact number and email ID of the employee. If you ever doubt about the elements to be filled, you can check out the samples given here. It should have a professional touch. This letter is required for taking loans from a bank, buying properties, or any other purpose that will need the employee to verify his work details.

Download Free Printable Employment Verification Letter in DOC and PDF:

Employment Verification Letter One

Employment Verification Letter to Whom it May Concern

Employment Verification Letter to Whom it May Concern Two

Request Employment Verification Letter from Employer

Request Employment Verification Letter from Employer

Sometimes, the employer can also write this letter on behalf of the employee so that it will help the employee with his salaries, subsidies, etc. One important factor to be considered is that the purpose of the letter should be considered while writing the employee verification letter. You can find tons of letters online with many samples. Going through the samples will give you an idea of how it should be written and also the elements to be filled while writing one. For example, designation and date of joining are important elements that should never be missed out while writing this letter.

But never take a copy of the sample that you have seen. Like said before, the purpose of the employee verification letter is also important. If you are applying for a loan, the salary and years of work and the designation should be highlighted. The person reading the letter should understand that you will be able to repay the loan within the given period of time.

If you are providing the employment verification letter as a proof, it need not specify about the salary. It should provide clarity on the details like designation, office address, branch, date of joining, etc. It should give an idea that the employee works in the given office and has been working for the given amount of time.

So, you have seen the necessary elements that should be filled in an employment verification letter. Go through the samples and download the one you think will help you. Don’t think twice, it is free to download.

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