Invoice Templates for Business Services

Are you searching for invoice templates online? If yes, you are at the right place. Here, you will find samples of invoice template and also you will be given an idea on how to make an invoice template for business on your own.

Even though it is a business term, the invoice template has many types. So, let us go through the different types of invoice templates.

  • Standard Invoice – this is the name of an invoice in the layman’s language. This same pattern is observed in any field transaction or business transaction. The standard invoice will cover all the data that is related to the product or the service. The data includes the product name, the name of the company, vax total, location, VAT, profits, maximum retail price, contact details of the seller, etc.
  • Commercial Invoice – this is not one for the layman. This invoice template is designed especially for higher trades, to make a note of the number of shipments, the transactions that happen through the border of two countries, foreign trades, etc. Again, this invoice will cover the basic details of the seller and the customer.
  • Progress Invoice – you should have got some idea with the name. This invoice takes care of the transactions that includes the work and the time that give the end result. This kind of invoice is usually used in construction work, the kind of works that are costly. These high value transactions are met up by sending and receiving the invoices.
  • Utility Invoice – this is the invoice that takes care of the services that a common man makes use of daily including phone bills, electricity, internet bills, etc.
  • Pending Invoice – this is the invoice that takes care of the pending bills that the customer has to pay to the seller. It includes the time duration also for the pending bills.
  • Timesheet – this is the name given to the invoice that is used by professionals. The name “timesheet” is used as the professionals’ services are valued on basis of time. The professionals who prefer this invoice include lawyers, doctors, etc.

Download Free Sample Printable Invoice Template in Doc, PDF and Excel:

Invoice Templates Business One

Small Business Invoice Template

Small Business Invoice Template Two

Invoice Templates for Business Services

Invoice Templates for Business Services Three

Simple Blank Invoice Template

Simple Blank Invoice Template Four

To the people who are hearing the term for the first time and have no idea what an invoice template is, it is simply a bill or simply a document that will give the data of the transactions that were carried out and details like the prices that the buyers have agreed upon. The invoice template is a business term and is usually given by the seller to the customer.

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