Leave of Absence Letter for Family Reasons

What is a Leave of Absence Letter?

A leave of absence letter is a letter that a person writes to his superior in the office, could be the supervisor or immediate superior, or a letter written by a student to a teacher to request a leave. The leave could be for any reason; the employee or the student should bring this formal letter and inform the concerned authority prior to taking leave.

The reason can be mentioned in the leave of absence letter. You might ask this question, why to give a formal letter when I can inform them orally. A letter will serve as proof that you have already informed that you will need leave. In the corporate world, things are not very simple. So, if you are an IT professional, you can give the letter to executives of the company also along with the manager rather than depending on the manager to explain the situation.

Leave of Absence Letter Format

  • A leave of absence letter is after all a formal letter written to a higher authority. So, this letter has to follow a format. The format is similar to the usual formal letter.
  • The starting words are your name followed by your designation in the company. If you are a student and writing a leave of absence letter to your teacher, you should mention your name followed by your address in the below lines.
  • This content is followed by the date of writing the letter. The format of the date usually is day followed by the month in words and then the year.
  • The next content is the name of the person to whom you are writing the letter. The format is the name followed by the designation and the company name in the next lines.
  • The next content is the salutation. The salutation is usually Sir/ Ma’am for superiors. In the corporate world, the common salutation used by everyone is “Dear” followed by the name. If the name of the person is ABC, the salutation is usually “Dear ABC”.
  • Next element is the body of the letter. Here you mention the reason of writing the letter, you will need leave. The duration of the leave, start and end of the leave, the reason why you need the leave urgently, etc. should be mentioned in the letter in the next paragraph.
  • After the body of the letter, you will have to give a signature. The signature is usually your name followed by your designation, your team, company name, email ID, contact number, etc.

Download Leave Letters:

Sample Family Emergency Leave Letter One
Leave of Absence Letter Two

When a Leave of Absence Letter is Required?

The leave of absence letter can be provided for not just medical reason but also events like a family function, marriage, etc. It is always advisable to provide a leave of absence letter to your supervisor. If you take leave without information, you will be questioned and also it will leave a bad mark on your record. If you inform it prior to the leave, the manager might be able to assign your work to someone else for that day and your absence can be managed.

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