Medical Certificate from Doctor

What is a Medical Certificate?

A medical certificate is a document that gives information about a person’s illness, the doctor who treated him/ her, the period of treatment, etc. The medical certificate will also act as proof that the person can provide in his office for the absence. This certificate is usually given by medical professionals or doctors on the request of customers and clients.

The patients will have to provide proof to their employers that they were having medical issues and that was the reason why they had taken leaves. Even a student is supposed to provide a medical certificate if he takes leave from school.

Medical Certificate Template

A template will make it easy to fill the data in the certificate. The medical certificate should contain information including date of visit, the name of the doctor, the name of the hospital/ clinic, information of the client, place of medical examination, etc. A template will present the data in a neat manner. The certificate will highlight the issues faced by the client and the medication to be provided and the number of days until the medication should continue.

Tips for doctors

Be Clear

Medical certificates are given to cover up the absence of the client in his workplace or a student in school. So, a medical certificate can be avoided if it is not necessary. For example, if the client has consulted the doctor on a weekend or on a holiday.

Be Sure of the Illness

Like mentioned before, a medical certificate serves as proof that the employee can provide to his employer or his supervisor to cover up his absence. There are other situations also when a person needs to provide a medical certificate. For example, a medical certificate to be provided to prove that the person is medically fit. So, the data given in the certificate should be correct to the best of the doctor’s knowledge.

Correct Diagnose

The duty of the doctor is to provide correct information to the patient regarding the illness. Similarly, if the certificate is for proving that the person is medically fit to work in an industry, etc. the doctor should provide perfect analysis.


Other than the medication, there are many other queries that a patient will have regarding an illness. It could be like how long he/ she should take rest, if they should avoid intake of any food items, etc. this information should be provided by the doctor.

Avoid Unnecessary Content

The medical certificate should be straight to the point. It should mention the illness, the condition of the patient, the medication recommended, the number of days the patient is advised to take rest, etc. There should not be any elaborate explanation of the condition. The medical certificate serves as proof and should be submitted to the superior/ supervisor, etc. They don’t need a detailed explanation of the illness. They need only an outline of the condition of the patient for the dates specified in the medical certificate.

Medical Certificate Format One
Sample Medical Certificate Letter from Doctor Two

So, the tips to create a medical certificate are discussed above. Templates are available for free. You can check up for templates and also suggest it to others.

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