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This article is about writing a resignation letter. This is not a sample resignation letter but a guide that will help you in writing resignation letters. You can even find samples like these in PDF and even in editable doc formats online.

Are you planning to quit your job? If you are, then you have a valid reason for that. The thing you need to do is to convey the same to your employer or your management. And that is why you need a resignation letter. Now, everything works with a procedure. If you want to quit your job, a resignation letter is the first step of informing the same to the management.

Types of resignation letters

This subheading could also be renamed as different reasons for the resignation.

  • Job resignation due to personal reasons– this is that one reason that is personal to you and you have to quit the job for the same. The reason could be any family issues that are no way related to the company or the job.
  • Maternal Reasons– This is one of the reasons why women ask for resignation. There are some companies that do not provide enough maternity leaves or in some cases, the woman might need extra leaves for health issues also.
  • Retirement– Some people find it hard to work after a period of time. These are the elderly people in the firm you have years of experience and now feel that it is time for them to stop working and take rest.
  • Resignation due to a new Job– this is one of the main reasons why people in the young category quit their job. Being in the same firm, they might not get the salary or the hike that they deserve. In such cases, the guys go for other options and get successful over there. So, they would obviously want to quit their current job.

If your reason for resignation is anyone of the mentioned ones, all you need to do is to put that is sentence in a prescribed format. The letters have to be written professionally and avoid grammatical errors.

Download Simple and Best Resignation Letter Sample Example:

Simple Short Resignation Letter One
Formal Professional Resignation Letter Template Two
Sample Resignation Letter with Reason Three
sample resignation letter 2 weeks notice Four

You can choose a template that suits your needs. The first para of the letter should be informing that you wish to resign from the job. The next should be the reason why you want to quit the job. The third para should be asking to do the needful from the other end to smoothen the process.

There are many samples available online. You can check one for reference. The important elements that you need to mention in the letter is your name, your contact number, your email id and the date of writing the letter. You must also include your designation along with your name. It is important to address to the right person. Hope the article helps you.

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