Termination Letter for Poor Performance

The termination letter is a letter from an employer or a manager to an employee stating that the employee has been terminated from the job. The letter will specify the reasons why the employee is being terminated. The letter also specifies the date up to when the employee can work.

Termination Letter Format

The format of a termination letter is the same as any other formal letter. The from- address and the to – address will include the designation of the two people in the company. The other parts of the letter like subject, salutation, etc, remain the same.

Termination Letter Content

The subject of the termination letter will simply be – “Termination letter”, that is the crux of the letter, reasons for termination can be mentioned in the body of the letter. The body of the letter should be framed in a polite way. Even though the content is mentioned in a polite way, it is disturbing for the employee to read his termination letter and care should be taken that you mention the valid reasons in the letter.

It should not be exaggerating,neither should be giving any false data. The reasons mentioned in the letter should be precise. So, even the employee would have an idea where he is lacking and will be able to correct himself. In this way, you are also helping the employee realize his mistakes so that he will fare well in his next job.

There are some essential elements to be mentioned in the letter.

Basic Info: Name of the employee, his designation, contact information and address and also the company name and branch details.

Reason for termination: The areas where the employee is not doing well and the skills that he needs to develop should be mentioned.

Lead Up: A lead up is the number of warnings that the employee has been informed before of his lack of skill which he/ she never took seriously.

Company Assets: Most of the companies provide the employees with stuff to work. It could be laptops, company car, etc. The company has all the rights to ask the employee to return the assets belonging to the company.

Final Pay: The employee has worked in the organization for some time and he should be given what he deserves. If any allowances are cut from his salary, or if the company owes the employee some money, the amount should be mentioned in the last month of his/ her work.

Other Benefits: Companies provide their employee with some benefits like health insurance, provident fund, etc. These should be made available to the employee when you are terminating them.

Sample Employee Termination Letters :

Sample Termination Letter for Poor Performance One
Sample Employee Termination Letter for Poor Work Quality Two
Termination Letter for Poor Performance and attendance Three


The above content has all the necessary elements to be included in a termination letter to an employee. When you are writing a termination letter for poor performance, make sure you mention all the details given above. You can follow the templates available online to get a better idea.

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